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Understanding the ins and outs of strapping tools and parts can sometimes be complicated, but this easy explainer provides a simple break down.

Poly Strapping

Polyester strapping and polypropylene strapping (jointly referred to as poly strapping or plastic strapping) are the two most widely used types of strapping.While steel strapping was the industry leader for many years, poly strapping of both varieties haslargely taken over, primarily due to itscost-effective nature andadded safety.Polypropylene and polyesterstrapping bothoffer impressive capabilities with their own unique advantages. Generally intended for light to mediumapplications,polypropylene strapping comes in many different sizes and polymer variations. It is fully recyclableand can be put in place manually,through the use ofpower tools, or with automated machinery. On the other end of the plastic spectrum is polyester strapping. This variety is ideal for heavyweight duties and is an excellent replacement for those who want to move away from steel. It is durable, rigid, and very strong, making it a great choice for irregularly shaped loads and pallets.Polyester strapping cannot be applied by hand, but power tools and automatic equipment easily do the trick.

Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is the strongest material on the market.If you need the highest strength you can get and low elongation, then steelwill likelywork best for your application. Its also well-suited to loads with very sharp edges and angles orproductsthat can get incredibly hot.Beyond these, steel strapping offers the highest retained tension, break strength,andworking range tension, as well ashigh humidity resistance. While steel strapping comes with an immense array of advantages, its important to keep a few of its downsides in mind. It is more expensive than all types of plastic strapping and less safefor workers, especiallyduring the removal process.

Strapping Tools and Machines

Here at Strapping Tools & Parts, we proudly carry a wide range of strapping tools, strapping machines, and other strapping equipment. These accessories are sourced from global leaders in the strapping industry that you know and trust,includingSignode, Fromm, andOrgapack. No matter how much strapyour operation uses each day, theres a tool or machinethat can enhance your efficiency and boost your bottom line.All types of strapping equipmentare able toapply strapping much faster than can be accomplished by handwhile increasingemployee safetyat the same time. Choose from manual tensioners or sealers, battery-powered strapping tools, or fully automaticmachines that are equipped to handleincredible amounts of strap each minutewithout the assistance of an operator.

Strapping Partsand Accessories

Whether you use poly strapping or steel strapping, your workcanbe improved byvarious strapping parts or accessories. These include items like strapping seals, which work hard to keep your strapping together at the ends and in the right place.Choosefrom options that include thread-on seals, nest-stack seals,snap-onseals, and much more.You can also give yourpallets and products the extra cushion they need with the help of accessories like edge protectors or anchor plates. In addition to these convenient protection tools, speed up your workflow with the help of a strapping dispenser or strapping kit. These allow you toquickly access your strap in order to get it on the pallet as soon as possible. Kits are generally equipped with a set of tensioners, sealers, and cutters, but you can also purchase each of those items individually.

Strapping for Every Need

We understand that companies across a wide variety of industries require the right kind of strapping and strapping tools to suit their specific needs,which is whywe offersomany different options. Find our full inventory online, browse a wide variety of helpful information in our knowledge base, or give us a call today for extra assistance.

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