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The instructions below are built for the PHT401. The PHT series pneumatic operated friction weld tools are lightweight, compact modular tools, offer one handed operation, and can tension up to 1,200 pounds. The PHT tools operate with both polypropylene strapping and polyester strapping from 3/8" to 1.25" wide and up to 0.55" thick.

The strapping tool PHT401 is designed to strap packages with plastic stra. The strap is fed around the package manually and inserted in the tool, tensioned, cut and friction welded by the tool. Wrap the package to be strapped with the strap and shown below.

Pneumatic Strapping Tool

Open the strapping tool by squeezing the lever and motor together with the right hand and insert the two straps. Make sure they are aligned between the body and bottom plate and against the front / rear strap guides as shown below.

Pneumatic Strapping Tool

Release the lever.

Pneumatic Strapping Tool

Push tension lever no. 1 until required tension or maximum force (motor stalls) is reached, as shown below, release lever no. 1 and push lever no. 2 (do not hold down) to cut and weld the strap.

Pneumatic Strapping Tool Pneumatic Strapping Tool

WARNING: After the welding cycle, wait 2-3 seconds to cool the strap before removing the tool.

Pneumatic Strapping Tool

Poly Strapping Seal Check:

A regular seal quality control is very important and it can be checked visually as follows:

  • Sealing time is set too low, thus resulting in insufficient seal strength. Pneumatic Strapping Tool
  • Sealing time is set correct. Pneumatic Strapping Tool
  • Sealing time is set too long, thus the seal strength is affected. Pneumatic Strapping Tool

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