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Seals for Steel Strapping

Seals for Steel Strapping

There are five standard seal types that can be used with steel strapping.

  • Snap-On Seals - These strapping seals are placed over the overlapping strap ends during or after the strap is tensioned. This type does not require any pre-threading. These seals generally reduce application time.
  • Thread-On Seals - Thread-On seals must be threaded over the overlapping strap ends before the tensioning tool is applied. Generally thread-on seals are used on bales, bundles and the larger strap sizes.
  • Open-Flange Seals - Open-flange seals are the heavy-duty version of the snap-on seal. Open-flange seals do not require any pre-threading.
  • Push-Type seals - Push-type seals are used in applications in which the strap is tensioned by butting the nose of the tensioner against the seal.
  • Nestack seals - The Signode Nestack seals are held together by interlocking nibs. This type of seal permits loading partial stacks into magazines of seal feed.
  • Microgrip seals - The microgrip Signode seals are seals used in severe impact applications in which waxed strapping is being applied. They are coated with a high-friction grit which bites through the wax to provide the maximum holding power.

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