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Strapping Seals and Joints

Strapping sealsare small, but essential, toolsforsecuring either steel or plastic strap to your loads.Meanwhile, the different types of strapping joints indicate how you apply those seals to the strap itself.Strapping sealsand jointsare convenient devicesand methodsthathelp you to permanently bind the two ends of your strapping together in order to create a secure and stable load.Each of these isapplied usingeithera combination strapping tool or strapping sealer.Lets take a look at a few of the most common types of strapping seals and strapping joints that youre likely to come across.

Strapping Seals

a grey metal snap on strapping seal Snap-On Strapping Seal
Snap-On Strapping Seals:During the tensioning process or right afterward, thesnap-onstrapping seal is placed over top two overlapped strap ends. This erases the need for pre-threading and will make the entire strapping process move faster.
red open flange strapping seal Open Flange Strapping Seal
Open Flange Strapping Seals: These are a more heavy-duty variety of thesnap-onstrapping seal and the operator does not need to perform any pre-threading.
red nestack strapping seals in stack Nestack Strapping Seals
NestackStrapping Seals:Nestackstrapping seals use interlocking nibs to bond, meaning both full and partial stacks of them can be loaded into combinationstrapping tools.
red thread on strapping seal with black signode logo Thread On Strapping Seal
ThreadOnStrapping Seals: To use thread on strapping seals,the operator simply needs to thread the seal over two strap ends before utilizing a tensioning tool. These seals tend to be used most often on bales and bundles, as well as oversized strapping.
red push type strapping seal Push Type Strapping Seal
Push Type Strapping Seals:Push type strapping seals feature overlapping flanges that allow them to withstand the added stress that comes when a piece of strap is tensioned by placing the nose of the tensioner against the seal itself.
red microgrip strapping seal showing underside Microgrip Strapping Seal
MicrogripStrapping Seals:Microgripstrapping seals are most often used in situations with waxed strapping that may be subject to harsh impacts. These seals are coated along the inside with a high-friction grit that allows them tobetter grip the waxed material and offer outstanding holding capability.

Types ofStrapping Joints

Notch Strapping Joints:When locking two ends of a piece of strapping together, one popular method is to notch the strapping sealalong the edgesin order to create tabs. Thesetabs are then bent up or down (upis called a reverse notch joint, while down is referred to as a down notch joint). This type of strapping joint is powerful becauseofthe interlockingkeysbetween the seal and strapping. We most often see notch strapping joints used in packaging and unitizing.
diagram of notch strapping joint over strapping Notch Strapping Joint
Crimp Strapping Joints:To create a crimp strapping joint, the operator presses indents into boththe seal itself and the two strapping ends. This buildsdynamic and staticstrength in the jointthrough a high amount of frictional force in the now deformed seal.Oftentimes, crimp strapping joints are used for carloading and other applications where the product may be subjected to harsh impacts.
diagram of crimp strapping joint over strapping Crimp Strapping Joint
SeallessStrapping Joints:This method may be somewhat self-explanatory, butseallessstrapping joints are created without the help of a strapping seal. Most often, they are put in place with either a manual or pneumatic strappingtool. They are made with interlocking keys that create static strength in the joint that is comparable to notch strapping joints.Alternately, the reverse lockseallessjoint method instead utilizes one reversed interlocking key to maintain additional security in frequent-impact situations.
image of sealless strapping joint on black poly strapping Sealless Strapping Joint

Find the Right Strapping Seals

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