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Embossed polyester strapping, available in both regular and high strength, provides dependable performance for numerous applications that require excellent strength with high retained tension.

Embossed poly strapping is manufactured with an additive that provides enhanced split resistance, while increasing weld strength and consistency. Its excellent elongation characteristics along with the ability to accommodate multiple tension levels helps straps stay tight and absorb impacts without breaking, improving the arrival conditions of loads. Manufactured to the highest standards, embossed polyester strap delivers improved performance, and it has a lower cost than traditional tool grade polyester strapping.

Embossed Polyester StrappingEmbossed Polyester Strapping

Key Benefits of Embossed Polyester Strapping:

  • Available in both regular and high strength strapping options
  • Lowers packaging costs
  • Enhanced split resistance, increased weld strength and consistency
  • Excellent elongation characteristics
  • Delivers enriched performance
  • Lower maintenance

Tools Used with Embossed Polyester Strapping:

VFX - The pneumatic VFX polyester hand strapping tool provides superior performance with fast cycle times for a wide range of applications, including those with space confines.

VFX - Polyester Strapping

BXT2 - The battery operated BXT2 polyester strapping tools feature automatic and semiautomatic settings along with light to moderate tension, making them idea and popular in a variety of applications.

BXT2 - Polyester Strapping

VT - The VT tools are easy to operate in the vertical or horizontal position, and are ideal for loads that require high tension.

VT - Polyester Strapping Polyester Strapping

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