Anchor plates and anti-skid plates are simple and inexpensive devices that reduce product movement on trailers or in railcars. These plates cushion your product during shipment and allow straps to be tightly applied without causing product damage.
Anchor Plates & Anti-Skid Plates
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83500 Anti-Skid Plate 1-3/8in. 2500/cs 001999 0.02 EA $0.18$0.18$0.17$0.17
x 2500
232033 IPS Anti-Skid Plate 3-3/8in. x 5in. x .055in. 200/cs 288.00 M $455.50$441.84$432.73$419.06
355981 Anchor Plate - Nailing Plate 2in. x 6in. x .125in. 200/cs 40.00 CS $168.47$163.42$160.05$154.99
355982 Anchor Plate 1-1/4in. 250/cs 2in. x 4in. x .125in. 40.00 CS $126.96$123.15$120.62$116.81
355983 Anchor Plate 3/4in. 500/cs 2in. x 2in. x .125in. 40.00 CS $123.27$119.57$117.11$113.41
355984 Intersecting Cross Tie Seal, Galvanized Finish 700/cs 42.00 CS $142.38$138.11$135.26$130.99
355980 Metal Corner Protector 2in. x 2in. x 2.5in. 500/cs 40.00 CS $66.77$64.77$63.43$61.43
x 2
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