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Steel strapping sealers provide sealing action with minimal effort, are light and durable, and lock steel strapping ends into a high strength joint.
    Types of Steel Strapping Sealers:
    • Notch-type: Cut into the steel seal and edge of the strapping, turning small tabs up (reverse notch) or down (down notch).
    • Crimp-type: Press the edges of the seal and strapping into wavy crimps shaped, produces maximum friction on the strapping.
    Handle types:
    • Front Action: held perpendicular to banding, usually in front of the operator who pushes the handles together close to their chest, For light duty strapping.
    • Side Action: held perpendicular to the banding. Operator can push handles together using their weight and both hands. For heavier applications.
Steel Strapping Sealers
3/4" Steel Strapping Sealer
3/4" Steel Strapping Sealer Quick Filter
2" Steel Strapping Sealer
2" Steel Strapping Sealer Quick Filter
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